Public Notice:  Grundy Center Snow Ordinance

 Chapter 69.12 Parking Regulations, Snow Removal

When snowfall on the residential streets of the City has accumulated to a level of two inches or more, it is unlawful for any person to park, abandon or leave unoccupied or unattended any vehicle on a residential street until such residential street has been completely plowed from curb to curb. This section also applies to all designated parking lots in the City.

Failure to abide by this Ordinance is a municipal infraction punishable by civil penalty as provided by the city code.

Chapter 135.12 Street Use and Maintenance, Dumping of Snow

It is unlawful for any person to throw, push, blow or place or cause to be thrown, pushed, blown or placed, any ice or snow from private property, sidewalks, or driveways onto the traveled way of a street or alley so as to obstruct gutters, or impede the passage of vehicles upon the street or alley or to create a hazardous condition therein; except where, in the cleaning of large commercial drives in the business district it is absolutely necessary to move the snow onto the street or alley temporarily, such accumulation shall be removed promptly by the property owner or agent, and only after first making arrangements for such prompt removal at the owner’s cost of the accumulation within a reasonably short time.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 364.12 [2])

Chapter 136.03 Sidewalk Regulations, Removal of Snow, Ice and Accumulations

It is the responsibility of the abutting property owners to remove snow, ice and accumulations promptly from sidewalks. If a property owner does not remove snow, ice or accumulations within twenty-four (24) hours, the City may do so and assess a flat rate of $50.00 for a first offense or $100.00 for a second offense, plus the costs of removal (labor and equipment) against the property owner for collection in the same manner as a property tax.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 364.12[2b & e])


By Order of the City Council

Dan Bangasser, Public Works Director